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both looking over their shoulders. >> you mentioned paul ryan. of course i cannot go on without asking about him and the role that he has played in this congress and the degree to which his celebrity is embraced by other republicans who are presumably, as you say, as ambitious as the. he is the one who kind of got out. he is the one who rose above the others to be plucked as mitt romney's running mate. is everybody in the republican leaders have for that matter the republican ranks happy to see in there? is the resentment of him? to their respective as much as they are said to for his brain and his facility with numbers? >> they do respect him, and i think that there are those -- the people who resent and distressed paul ryan in the republican party are the members of the so-called tuesday group, which is the group, the waiting in member group of moderate republicans in the hand. they resented the imposition, the so-called ryan budget as the republican house budget. that budget, by the way, and brian's budget pancaking around for several years when he was the ranking member of the hous
. [laughter] to make between congressman paul ryan and the vice president joe biden should be fun. and an coulter reverses will be goldberg. i have to say that would be extremely wrong cited because there would have to stop every response just like last night. the it team a factor aside is she is courageous. truly courageous and is willing to use her satirical highlights for issues of the day describes itself as the polemicist to likes to stir the pot and does not pretend to be impartial or about list. her background has prepared her well as a lawyer and graduated with honors from cornell, graduate of michigan and what school and author of eight new times bestsellers the ladies of the few are the only ones that have not read your book. and "mugged" racial demagoguery from the seventies to obama" i encourage your ready-to-eat it. i felt so on burgeoned and liberated i will get his rid of those bottled words. >> lazy, angry, constitution, e xperienced, holding down the fort, peanut butter, community organizer, the black hole and apartment and black share. i know i am not role i will
and and raged. not because it makes such a difference if you are paul ryan use say come on. it does not make much of the difference but the injustice is in reaching. also regulation. the tick related industries where it is based on obligatory framework what was the greatest rip-off of the american middle-class the regulatory failure leading up at 2,008. i don't the candidate is the perfect country there are many problems but when counterexample the show's the distilled regulate the bankers is canada they did not have a financial crisis just because regulators said no to the bank's. it was hard. talking to authorities finance ministers said we were so upset with the rest of the world i went to beijing and it tidies said your canadians are so conservative. i amatory and the communist chinese are telling me i am too soft? [laughter] but they held belied. i give them some much credit. average wealth for families is higher than the american family. to talk about the rip-off is failure of bank regulations. >> one more quick question? >> i am sorry. one of carlos say against books i assume they wor
this and if you are paul ryan you say come on, that doesn't make any difference in balancing the budget. doesn't make much of the difference but the injustice is enraging and the other thing that is important was regulation, particularly of those industries where the whole industry is based on what is a regulatory framework and most visibly finance stand if you want to talk about the greatest rip-off of the american middle class, and the middle class around the world, the regulatory failure leading up to 2008, it didn't have to be like that. i don't want to say canada is the most perfect country in the world because there are problems but one thing that is a great counterexample which shows you can have a normal civilized economy, cars and computers and live like a normal person and still regulate your bankers, is canada. canada did not have a financial crisis even though the rest of the world did, because the canadian government and canadian regulators said no to their banks and was hard. it was interesting talking to canadian authorities, canadian finance minister said we are so out of step
, the majority leader, calls people like paul ryan, who is now running for vice president. .. >> if you keep doing this, you are going to risk your speakership. the president said when i talked to him, interestingly enough, he said in fixing -- he realizes the magnitude of all of this, as does speaker boehner, key democrats, key republicans realize what it is. and the president literally said to me, i would willingly lose an election if i could solve these problems. it is that serious. tim geithner, the treasury secretary, in the book is quoted thousands of words telling the president, you have got to do something about this problem. we have to fix it. you literally, it's not that we're going to close down the government, we will close down the american economy and, in turn, the global economy. if they do not solve the issue of this runaway spending, get some way to stop borrowing in excess, he tells the president of the united states if we default on this, on our obligations and our ious, we will trigger a depression worse than the 1930s. anybody here remember the 19 1930s depression? you p
it to pick out people who bowl and say bowlers made paul ryan fine but what if you are doing is mailing letters to soldiers on active duty with the game of challenging them, that is a crime according to bobby kennedy. and i have to say, while al gore grabbed his ankles in 2000 after he read, personally read my story that was breaking in england. this was before the supreme court ruled that thousands of like people were banished from the voter rolls in florida and after john kerry med -- read my book armed madhouse, he said that is why they lost the election and one of the last bills he introduced to make the stuck illegal on its face. right now you have to prove that it's racially biased. they are going after old jewish ladies and going after native americans. one of their big targets in the south. they say, we are just trying to look for the fraudulent voter. oh yeah, the fraudulent voter. bad as the new red scare. that is the new sleeper cell, fraudulent voter. there could be a fraudulent voter in this room. more likely there would be a 90-foot tarantula in this room because in the la
that one. [applause] tonight's debate between congressman paul ryan and the vice president biden, that should be a lot of fun. check in next week. [applause] i would have to see three is ann coulter versus whoopi goldberg. [laughter] that's extremely one sided in every definition of the term because you would not hear whoopi beeping out every response like they did last time ann was on "the view" which is unfair. the entertainment factor aside, ann is one word, "courageous," truly courageous, willing to use her amazing wit to highlight important issues of our day and describe herself as a to lem cyst who stirs the pot. her background prepared her well. she's a lawyer. she graduated from honors from cornell, graduate of university michigan law school, a columnist, author of eight "new york times" best sellers, confirming the ladies of "the view" are the only ones who have not read the books, they can't comment on them. "mugged," that book is insightful and i encourage everybody to read it. permly, after reading it, i felt so unburdened and liberated i'm going to go ahead and get r
gets to do what i did as the governor of massachusetts, and paul ryan wants to privatize medicare, and underfund it, which is incredible. it's a rejection of both theory and evidence. but that's pretty impressive. >> when you look at this interface between medical costs and the budget, this idea that we have to have all these commissions, like rituals about shares. why don't we just have healthcare costs commission, why don't we look that in the eye? >> that would be death panels. i mean, that's -- >> i also think, the reality of american politics is the drug industries are very influential, the insurance industry is very influential and has beaten back reforms over and over. one position in the medicare drug bill, the bill that provided prescription drugs for medicare, and the government, the largest purchaser of drugs in the world, couldn't bargain with the drug companies, estimated to be a gift to the drug companies over ten years of half trillion dollars. now, anybody serious about dealing with our deficit should be the place to begin. how do we talk about it? >> by the way, i
that even paul ryan supported was good public policy while obama's $787 billion tax and spending stimulus was freedom crushing statism and death of the american free enterprise, but, you know, that's the beauty of being in the minority. in reality, the stimulus was really early evidence thatc'Ñ oa was pretty much what he said he was, a data oriented left the center technicrat, a change the system outsider, govern to work the system insider. the first evidence that despite the flowery talk, he understood that bills that don't pass congress don't produce change. the stimulus is producing change. the wrap on obama was that he was a words guy, but he's more of a deeds guy. you know, it's not producing perfection, but making things better and better is better than worse. before the stimulus, 20% of the doctors used the lek tropical records. it'll reduce cost, improving care. it directed 7 million americans out of poverty reducing poverty for another 32 million americans who are already poor. a homelessness prevention program that kept 1.2 million people off the streets. the homeless populatio
Search Results 0 to 9 of about 10 (some duplicates have been removed)